Top 10 CV tips

We know everyone is always going on about how important your CV is but they really are telling the truth. Rather than rabbit on for ages we’ve narrowed it down to make sure you are getting it right with these top 10 tips.


photo credit: the Italian voice via photopin cc

1 – KISS – Keep it simple stupid!

CV’s don’t need lots of fancy lettering, colouring or layout; simplicity is best! (Although being well-organised and neat and square is how a CV should be done.)

2 – DO NOT go over 2 pages!

If you can fit it all on 1 page, even better! If a CV is over 2 pages long, employers don’t tend to read it; short and sweet is how they like it! (Also, don’t squash everything in; if there is a lot to put in, just keep what’s absolutely necessary!)

3 – Tailor your CV!

Whatever you are applying for, point out key skills in your ‘personal statement’ and highlight jobs and experience you have that fits in with the job role. Take out everything irrelevant.

4 – Keep it Real!

DO NOT lie; you will get caught out.  Especially at interviews when they ask you about something you have written that wasn’t true.


Spelling and grammar are employers’ worst nightmares, especially on job applications. Make sure you’ve double-checked everything, as well as at least 2 other people!

6 – Update regularly!

There’s nothing worse than sending a CV that’s missing things, with lots of gaps and important experience you have had being missed off. Keep it up-to-date.

7 – Covering letter – make sure you always include one…

…and make sure it is tailored to the correct position you are applying for and not just the same cliched text sent out to every employer. Being more personal is always good if you know who you are sending it to specifically!

8 – Use strong ‘power’ or ‘action’ words!

Words like achieved, delivered, led, improved, etc. all prove how much of a hard-worker you are and the results you achieve!

9 – Give examples!

If you say you have good communication skills, give examples of how, e.g., ‘Presented to 200 students about…’, etc.

10 – Make it yours!

Make sure your CV highlights all your best attributes, there is not a lot of waffle, it is clear, concise and well presented, as well as being tailored to the job you are applying for.

Lastly – Good Luck!


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