Hewlett Packard on Campus

Hewlett Packard – 24th October 2012


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Internship and Graduate Schemes at HP

‘There is no such thing as an easy ride!’ – Ron Elliot, UK Sales Manager at HP Technical Services.

Being an employee at HP does not mean sitting in a minimalistic office with a notebook or laptop and being isolated. It’s about taking full responsibility for your role, making a real difference by adding value to the role and making the best of who you are!

There is something for everybody at HP as there are 23,000 UK HP employees and Ron described most of the best working right here in the UK, even though HP are an American company.

The areas available to work in are categorized below:

  • Enterprise Group
  • Enterprise Services
  • Printing and Personnel Systems
  • HP Software (which is the most profitable side of the business!)
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Finance
  • Social Innovation
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Legal
  • HR

How important are interns and graduates to HP?

Both are heavily valued at HP, as Ron explained that change is accelerating with innovation.

The average age that technology companies are regarding as the watershed to those brought up with social media is 29! They value the fact that these people have been brought up with the internet and see life in a very different way. Ron predicts businesses are soon going to be ran on PDAs, iPads and smartphones, so this is where new talent comes into play!

Did you know…  

90% of HP employees are graduates and they provide mentoring support to new starters on the Graduate or Internship Scheme.

Starting salaries are £25k but suggestion from Ron – ask for a little more! They want you, so no harm in asking!

Every person at HP does presentations to some level, so expect this! Naturally people get nervous but think of it as this:

‘Nerves is a good thing, it means you want to do well!’

Some sound advice on the HP application process:

The application process looks like this:

1.      Online application form

2.      CV submission

3.      Telephone interview

4.      Face-to-face/assessment centre

5.      Formal offer


Communication skills with confidence are key!

Across all the schemes, communications skills are tested upon; whether this is in a group work assessment or through reading your CV.

Use power words in your CV to describe yourself or responsibilities you are talking about, such as:

‘I was responsible for…’

‘I drove the project by…’

‘I initiated the proposal…’

If you were part of something, that’s good, but if you drove something to success, that’s great! This displays the confidence you have and HP love confident people.

Not a final year student yet? Apply for an Internship!

HP takes on 80 UK interns a year in various roles, so if you can be successful on an internship programme, it will give you a great opportunity to apply for a graduate scheme!


HP is a global company, and therefore, if you speak any other languages, please state this on your application or CV.

International Students

HP offers international students sponsorships, so please consider the application process and have a look at the website for more information.

Tidy up your social media!

Existing HP graduates or interns will try to link up with you on your Facebook whilst you have an application in process, so Please, Please, Please tidy up your pictures and comments!

Wise words from Ron…

Ron started his career in 1986 as a Capgemini Analyst Programmer and to-date has had 13 jobs in his time but surprisingly was only interviewed for 3 of those! How does that work?

Well, overall, it’s all about using your initiative and presenting to HP what you have done or achieved in life. It could be something so small, but if you can identify what skills you used and what initiative you took to do this, you will not go unnoticed!

Differentiate yourself from others. If you can’t, start looking at how you can! Take action!

If you would like to make an application to any of the schemes please visit: http://bit.ly/TvoNFc


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