Carluccio’s – Talent Development Programme

Marcus Weedon is the Graduate Recruitment Manager at Carluccio’s and was joined by Mark Dixon, a Graduate Manager at the Birmingham Restaurant and it was easy to tell by the end of the presentation that both were very passionate about what they do and who they work for.

The Graduate Programme on offer will provide you with an opportunity to work in all areas of the restaurant and develop you into a leader! You will ideally have love for food, but equally, a need to get on with people and provide the best experience for customers and staff.

But before you submit that CV, make sure you know your facts and figures about Carluccio’s. You will be surprised.


photo credit: Ewan-M via photopin cc

Did you know?

  1. The food industry is worth £42 billion, with the biggest sector being casual dining!
  2. Italian food is the most popular in casual dining.
  3. Carluccio’s is the market leader in this!

Facts for 2012!

  1. Served over 8 million customers
  2. Over 550,000 Mozzarella Balls sold! That’s a lot of balls!
  3. Over 52,000 Panetonne sold. A Christmas favorite!

Antonio Carluccio founded the brand and set-up restaurants from 1999 onwards, with more than 70 restaurants and £99 million turnover.

If you have visited a Carluccio’s restaurant, you will see it is a combination of a real Italian restaurant and a retail offer. Front of shop will have a food section, where you can pick up ingredients you can take away and use at home for cooking or snack on. If you have not visited Carluccio’s but you are thinking on making an application, please visit before you start the process. This is part of your research!

As a graduate you will be responsible for various store promotions and take part in regional and national store competitions. If your store wins, you will win a trip to Italy and look at food processes, such as how olive oil is made! Mark had just come back from a trip and described it as rewarding and educational. If you lose, you will be dressing up in a lemon suit and running round the restaurant! Nice!

Reality of the programme?

When you start the programme, your first task will be to make Focaccia bread! As well as working in the food shop, waiting in the restaurant and gaining management skills, training to be a successful leader.

You will have genuine responsibility and accountability when you are managing, but you will have an assigned mentor to support you at every stage and regular feedback and tips are provided from recent grads on the programme!

Marcus advised “Regardless of what role you are in, you know everyone on a first name basis! Close, great working relationships. Not a shirts and tie business, but a casual dining culture”

What Carluccio’s look for?

You don’t have to be a masterchef to join Carluccio’s and neither do you need a degree in Food Technology! Whatever your degree background, it’s the interest in the role and the company, with the right skills for the role, which will be recognised.

Top must-haves for the role?

  1. Love hospitality and customer service
  2. Calm under pressure and works hard when challenged
  3. Flexibility – no 2 days are the same here!
  4. Customers are the most important people, so keep them happy!
  5. Be ambitious and success hungry

Application process:

Carluccio’s accept CVs as part of their recruitment process. You can email your CV directly to Marcus on or apply via the website.

Words of advice from Marcus…

  • Tailor your CV to the company and not the role entirely! This is what works for Carluccio’s
  • Your CV will be looked at on average 10 secs, so make it clear and easy to read
  • Pick out key words from the job description and incorporate into the CV
  • Cover letters – keep them short and sweet
  • Marcus does telephone interviews on the spot – BUT if it is not convenient to talk, then let him know and rearrange the time! Do not talk to him while you are having a bath! Seriously, it has happened before! Cringe!

Benefits for you?

  • £21K starting salary. After you graduate on the programme, it increases to £22,500
  • Grads receive a £500 bonus
  • Trips to Italy
  • Assistant Managers can receive a generous bonus of up to £4k
  • Management discount scheme
  • Taxi allowance per night if working late of £13.50
  • Meals on duty
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Regular incentives

At the end of the presentation, we thoroughly enjoyed the olive oil testing and we have to admit, Carluccio’s olive oil was by far the best-tasting!

Remember, you don’t have to be a food expert, but you have to have drive to work in this industry.

Please feel free to contact Marcus Weedon if you have any questions on 02075802552.


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