Deanslist – Recruitment in Technology

Deanslist is a social platform where Technology students and employers can come together to maximize the opportunity to apply for the latest roles on offer.

Dean, the founder, provided an insight into recruitment for technical roles.

Where to look?

  • University – most universities will have internal jobs portals or job shops. Make sure you find out where these are and start applying. Some employers will target specific universities so they will not always be advertised on the internet for every student to access.
  • Internet/Jobs boards
  • Friends and social network – sometimes it’s not what you know but who    you know
  • Deanslist website! 

So what’s in a CV?

On average Dean suggested that employers are spending only 5 seconds skimming through a CV! Sounds impossible but is the truth. So what do you need to focus on for your CV to make the yes pile?

  • List all technical skills – list these by strength if you can. Be honest but confident in yourself
  • Include key modules studied, if relevant to the role you are applying for – include any projects worked on within this
  • No more than 2 pages-long, please!

So you’ve mastered the CV, now it’s crunch time!

Interviews are a daunting experience as it is, but if you follow these steps you will have a positive interview experience.

Before the interview:

Research the company! Find out the latest developments happening there, technologies used or follow them on social media, if you are not already! If you fail to know the basics of the company, this can be highly unimpressive at the interview stage.

Some companies will do a telephone interview with you prior to your face-to-face interview. You could expect a mixture of technical skills and soft skills questions. Most employers will arrange a date for you to take the call so make sure you find a quiet place.

Brush up on your technical abilities! Take challenges online, for example Top Coder.

On the day:

Arrive 10 mins early, armed with the name of the person who contacted you. This is very important for SMEs, as it is not that difficult to find contact details.

Find out what the dress code is, if you can. Some technology-based companies may have a relaxed dress code but a shirt and trousers is still a must for an interview!

At the interview:

Answer the question that is being asked, rather than being unsure and waffling on! If needs be, ask for clarification on the question.

Think out loud – if you have any tests or challenges to do during the interview, it is best to make sure you make notes or just think out loud, as you will be assessed on your thought process of how you problem solve.

Questions at the end of an interview:

This is always tricky, especially if a company has given an overview of the role and what it can provide for you at the beginning of an interview.

Nevertheless, please have a question prepared or think of something the company has missed out on during the interview. Such as:

  • Why is the position open?
  • Is there any room for progression?
  • What technology are you using at the moment or will be available to me in this role, should I be successful?

In the meantime, while you are attending interviews, DO STUFF!

Write code or learn a computing language. Build and host applications. Any practical work experience will help you along the way to securing a graduate role.

Look at open source/programming communities:

  • Source Target
  • Gihub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Topcoder
  • Codechef
  • Code academy
  • Google – Hackdays

Word of advice – No harm in having multiple CVs, but make sure to have the correct name and address of each company you’re sending it to!

Have a look at for graduate positions.


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