TeachFirst: ”The Challenge Starts Here!”

Be a leader, make a change!

Did you know that about 17 million adults have difficulty with numbers?

Did you know that the attainment educational gap between rich and poor costs the UK  £1.3 trillion?

Did you know that only 15% of young people excluded at secondary school return to mainstream education?

Did you know 1 in 6 young people leave school unable to read, write and add up properly?

And did you know that about 5 million people in the world would not be able to read this article because of lack of functional literacy?

Finally, do you know that you could be the solution?

TeachFirst, which gave a presentation at DMU last week, is an independent movement for social change that aims to involve young, enthusiastic graduates into education. To add up a little more numbers – not only is TeachFirst the fastest-growing recruiter in the UK, but it is also amongst the top five graduate employers in the country. What TeachFirst aims for is improving the educational process in challenging schools, while at the same time giving young graduates an opportunity to develop a successful career path.  Even if you don’t see teaching as your career for life, you will still gain a lot from this experience, since the skills you develop in the classroom, such as leadership and problem solving, are essential for any position. Moreover, at the end of your two-year work with TeachFirst, you will become part of the Ambassador Network, which is a powerful network of people who have achieved influential leadership positions. Whether you chose to stay in education or not, this network will surely be beneficial for your career.

TeachFirst requirements

Getting involved and applying is easy – if you feel that you are enthusiastic, with good communication and leadership skills and a strong sense of humor, then simply apply at TeachFirst. You will also need a 2.1 degree or above and a degree or an A level in the area you would like to teach. But hurry up – the final deadline is 20 March 2013. You will receive an answer as quickly as within a week, after which, if you’re approved, you will be invited to an interview. If that goes well, you will receive an offer, after which your path will begin.

Your Journey

First, there will be an intensive Summer Institute, in which you will be provided with training. Food, accommodation and transport will be included, as well as financial support, where needed. This will provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need when you first step into the classroom. After this, you will join a primary or secondary school, where the focus will be on developing your skills and making sure you make the biggest possible impact in the classroom. During your first year you will receive support from five different contacts. It won’t be always easy, but it will be worth it. Also, during your first year you will be working towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), which means that in the future you will always be able to return to teaching.

Between the first and second year there will be a summer project opportunity, which will be a short internship that will develop your leadership skills and boost your confidence. Companies such as Google, Accenture, The Civil Service, DfE , HSBC and Save the Children are just a few organisations that have participated in this project.

During your second year you would be a Newly Qualified Teacher. You will continue working full-time and you will have the opportunity to work towards a Master’s degree, which will be at a reduced cost. The qualification will be valuable in any future career you choose.

As already mentioned, at the end of the programme, you will be able to join an Ambassador Network, and become an ambassador yourself. TeachFirst’s ambassadors’ mission is making changes towards equal education opportunities for everyone.

Finally, after taking this programme, not only will you have developed strong leadership skills and good connections, but more importantly, you will have made a change in someone’s life and worked towards a better future.

Your questions

You asked: I am currently doing a joint honours; would this affect my application?

TeachFirst said: No, you can chose which subject of the two you’d like to teach.

You asked: Three years have passed since I did my A levels and now I’m doing a different degree, would this be a problem?

TeachFirst said: No, it might be even an advantage, since you can engage more knowledge into what you are teaching.

You asked: Is taking a Master’s optional?

TeachFirst said: Yes, and it’s subsidized to up to £500

You asked: What if I leave during the first year?

TeachFirst: you are free to do so, but remember, you are going to leave 150 kids without a teacher. In TeachFirst we strongly value commitment and taking responsibilities.

You asked: I had a 2.2, can I still apply?

TeachFirst said: Yes, it might take a bit more time and you will need to be outstanding at interview, but you are advised to apply.

Don’t think twice about TeachFirst!

Apply now at: www.teachfirst.org.uk


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