The Challenge – This Summer 2013 Get Paid to Mentor Young People!

Challenge yourself this summer to lead and mentor young people. Supporting 15-17 year olds in a range of activities, The Challenge are looking for 2000 staff within Surrey, Birmingham, Black Country, Manchester and Lancashire.

Leanne came in to tell us more about the programme, having experienced working on it herself and now working for the marketing department in the organization.

The Challenge was initially set up on the basis that young people have low levels of trust and this programme helps to build this up, as trust is a huge issue in life itself.

Aim of The Challenge:

1.      Connect young people across all social boundaries

2.      Prepare young people for life challenges, e.g. cooking meals, public speaking or climbing a mountain

3.      Encouraging young people to make an impact on their community, e.g. by working on social enterprise projects

4.      Encouraging young people to continue to volunteer in the future

Skills you can help young people gain:

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Team work
  3. Communication
  4. Problem solving

The Challenge Programme is made up of 4 parts to the programme.

Part 1: The Personal Challenge (5 days)

Here there will be a socially mixed team where young people get a chance to bond as a team and take on challenging activities outdoors! This includes the thrilling sound of a ‘riversliding’ challenge, described by Leanne as a waterslide on a river!

Part 2: Team Challenge (residential)

Teams live in university accommodation in the cities mentioned earlier and learn a skill that they can use to interact with a community group.

Part 3: The Real Challenge – Design (non-residential)

Over 4 days teams design and organize their social action projects and this is where their projects can be judged in a version of ‘Dragons Den’, so this is a real pitching activity. You will help to mentor and facilitate this.

Part 4: The Real Challenge – Action

After being judged, the teams can now put their project into action and work 4 weekends to get it all set up. This is where the real sense of achievement can be felt on your behalf – seeing something come to life through your support.

Mad, crazy but a phenomenal and amazing experience! – Leanne

More information about The Challenge can found on


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