Valentine Special – Love Your Career!

I love my job

It’s Valentine’s Day and whilst the Careers and Employability team take advantage of chocolates in the office, we also reflect on what it is that we love about what we do – our careers!

Firstly we spoke to Stacey, part of the Careers and Employability team and a 2012 DMU graduate!

So Stacey, what is your job role at the moment?

I currently work part-time as an Employer Liaison Assistant

So why do you love working in the Careers and Employability team?

I love sourcing wonderful opportunities for our students here at DMU, whether it be a graduate job or placement opportunities.  I also enjoy interacting with students during career events, i.e. Eye Week and careers fairs. I strive to give them as much information as they need in the hope that they are able to gain as much out of the careers and employability service at DMU as possible.

What helped you get here?

Well, I had part-time roles whilst I was studying at DMU. I worked with DEMON Media on a project where I led a team and produced podcasts and also had a part-time retail job with ASDA, which enhanced my customer service and communication skills. Having these experiences made it easier for me to give specific examples at interviews, so gaining work experience is invaluable whilst studying.

I believe my passion for careers and how much of an important role it plays in a student’s experience at university helped me achieve this position. The careers team is here to help you find your graduate job and that is primarily what a student comes to university for.

What is your dream job, Stacey?

Not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind being a PA to the Leicester City Football team.

We also spoke to Lisa, our Employer Liaison Officer

So Lisa, what is your job role at the moment? 

My main role is to engage with local small/medium size businesses encouraging them to take on our recent graduates through funded internship programmes.  As well as this, I am involved in organising recruitment fairs and raising awareness of our offerings to both students and employers.

Why do you love the job you’re in?

I love making a difference.  Having placed over 200 graduates into internships within three years, it gives me great satisfaction to know I have helped in some way with their career.  My role is varied, as I have interaction with students/graduates and employers.  I am given the freedom to try new things and there is a lot of variety in my role, which is what I like.

What helped you to get into this role?

I have worked at the University since 2005 (with a year in the private sector). My first job was placing current students into summer placements, this involved delivering workshops, enhancing student employability skills, CV checking and monitoring each placement.  When I came back to the University after a year away, my new role was to place graduates into work and have been doing this ever since.  So, to answer the question what helped me get into the role I am currently in, I would say it is the skills I developed in my previous role at the University and also having a can-do attitude with a willingness to take on new challenges.

What is your dream job? 

My dream job involves variety, responsibility and being able to make a difference, as well as being able to gain new skills.  I am able to do this in my current role, therefore, I would say what I am doing now does come close.  My passion is make-up; in addition to my job, I am also a freelance make-up artist, so I guess an ideal job would be a combination of the above!

Happy days!

It’s important to remember that whatever career you want to get into, you have to enjoy and have a passion for what you do in order to have a good work/life balance!

It’s the getting here that is important also, so ensure you have looked into your options with your career path and take advantage of the resources here for you at DMU. Speak to an adviser, attend employer presentations and find out about the opportunities we are offering at DMU to gain work experience, such as Unitemps and Frontrunners.

For more information, see our website or call 0116 2577595 to make an appointment with an adviser.

Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck with your career!


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