The Army: Not Just Infantry!

Now when I first signed up to go to the army presentation I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting a solider to come along and give a presentation on combat (infantry) services, as this is all you see and hear about on the news. I was completely wrong! This presentation was a real eye opener; I didn’t realise how much the Army really had to offer. The army isn’t just about infantry and what you see on games like call of duty; it is so much more and involves people from all walks of life with all different types of talents.

The army is split up into several areas:

  1. Combat: otherwise known as infantry; at the moment women are unable to perform in combat, however new laws are being passed so that women will be able to apply for infantry roles, but will still not be able to fight on the front-line.
  2. Engineering: the Army uses an array of equipment, vehicles and electronic systems to get jobs done. Building, maintaining and fixing – it is the job of the specialists in the Army’s engineering units.
  3. Logistics and support: this involves feeding, fuelling and supplying troops. The army’s logistics and support specialists get the job done!
  4. Intelligence, IT and comms: weapon systems are useless if messages don’t get to the front-line. The Army’s intelligence and communications experts gather information and pass it on swiftly.
  5. HR and finance: duties will include database systems and personnel issues.
  6. Medical: the Army needs medical, nursing, dental and veterinary staff to protect the health of its soldiers and working animals.
  7. Military bands: the Army’s musicians and ceremonial soldiers link the past with the present, and are the public face of the Army at state occasions and military parades.

These are the many roles that are available at the Army; it not only teaches you discipline, but you learn life skills such as independence, how to use your time effectively, how to manage your finances and also personal administration, not forgetting the most important leadership skills, like good communication, integrity, strategic thinking and teamwork.

If you’re thinking this could be the career path for you once you graduate, well, here are a few facts you may want to know:

1.       If you’re interested in being part of the medical team, there are medical cadetships you can apply for that will cover your university fees once you have graduated!

2.       85% of army officers are graduates

3.       As a graduate you qualify to go straight for the position of an officer.

If you can’t wait until you finish university, you can always join the Army as a reservist. Now, as good as all of this may sound, there is no guarantee that the Army will suit you!

For any more information on the Army, check out Also check out some live feeds from soldiers on YouTube under ‘TA live’.


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