Inspiring Interns – Stand out from the Crowd with a Video CV – [Guest Post]

Using a video CV to improve your chances of application success. 

As a company formed of (relatively) recent graduates, we know that it can be difficult juggling academic commitments with a hectic social life and watching the latest series of Dexter.  Internship hunting might take a back seat at this stage of your academic year as essay deadlines begin to appear and exams loom on the horizon. However, you should still be thinking about lining-up necessary work experience and finding a way to stand out to employers offering these opportunities. We believe that video, more specifically a video CV, is a quick, innovative solution, so read on to learn how to use your video CV to boost application success.

Inspiring Interns has been running for over four years and has found internships for over 2,500 students and graduates using video CV technology. Video CVs save employers time and money, they give you the opportunity to showcase your personality beyond the confines of a traditional CV, and helps you avoid becoming one of a hundred abandoned CVs on any given employer’s desk.  As the online world embraces the power of video, there is no reason that your internship hunt shouldn’t either!

A well put-together video CV may act as an initial interview stage – it allows your potential employer to get a feel for your personality and see if you would fit in with their organisation.  An employer may then feel that they only require one interview before deciding whether to hire you, saving you time and money.

Although the process may seem a little daunting, it really is a pain-free procedure. You can make one at home and you probably already have the equipment (your choice of smart phone, webcam, iPad…). All you need to do is think about what you will say for around a minute, focus on your achievements and academic qualifications, and try not to regurgitate your whole CV.  You’re not a robot!

Before you hit the record button, think about your recording environment – we recommend well-lit and uncluttered.  Think about what you’re wearing and make sure it reflects the role for which you are applying.  Relax, remember to smile and maintain eye contact with the camera – body language says a lot about you.

Once your video CV is recorded, the easiest thing to do is to upload it to Youtube (it can be private if you don’t want everyone to see it), then include the link with any applications you make.

For more information, check out our video CV advice video:

This article has been provided by Inspiring Interns.  Inspiring specialises in finding graduates internships in London and throughout the UK. Of the candidates they place, 66% earn themselves a permanent job with their host company.


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