VInspired: 5 Things You Should Know About Summer Internships – [Guest Post]

Summer is on the horizon! With exams almost over and coursework safely submitted to lecturers, it’s time to plan for June-September time.

For most students, summer is the only time to pocket some extra cash or get some extra work experience on their CV. The folks over at vInspired specialise in getting 18-25 year olds into positions where they can gain transferable skills for the working world.

Here are the top 5 things vInspired think you should know before, during and after you find a summer internship.

1.       Start looking early

Think you’re the only one being productive and thinking of building up your skill-set over the summer? You’re not – so it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

Beat the summer search by applying now. You’ll look dead keen, be in time for early company deadlines and have much less to worry about than those who leave it until mid-season. Get onto DMUs career service and start scanning for great volunteer opportunities.

That said, be sure to keep an eye out throughout the summer for any last minute opportunities too. Cancellations happen and you might be the perfect person to step in at short notice.

2.        Prepare for your interview

Managed to nab an interview? Great! Make sure you’ve prepared yourself for success:

  • Find a smart outfit and make sure it looks presentable before you leave (in other words, reach for the iron!)
  • Research the company you’re interviewing with
  • Practice your answers to the questions they might ask
  • Re-visit your CV and make sure you have your qualifications and current skills at the front of your mind. You’ll need to talk about them!

3.       Make yourself indispensable

Say yes to everything and offer to help with tasks that play to your strengths. Make your new colleagues see you’re dependable, and be a team player that they won’t want to let go of. Helpfulness is the name of the game here!

4.       Network

Chat to anyone and everyone on your placement. Potential employers look for candidates who aren’t afraid to speak up, have great interpersonal skills and slot seamlessly into a team. If you can demonstrate that, they’ll remember you for your friendliness and great conversation.

On top of that, it’s a strangely small world, and you never know who might recommend you for something in the future.

5.       Remember your manners

Be sure to thank your employers at the end of your time with them. Send an email letting them know how much you enjoyed yourself and what you’ve learnt, and leave them with your email address and phone number in case any future opportunities arise with them.

Looking to make a start on your summer internship search? Start with the opportunities listed on vInspired!


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