Being a Frontrunner at Unitemps! Catch-Up with Sarah – [Guest Post]

When I started working for Unitemps as a Frontrunner, you couldn’t get me near the phone; three months later and I’m temporarily working for Unitemps in a call centre! Quite a transformation from someone who wouldn’t answer the phone if I could help it, and making calls was one of my worst nightmares. This is just the start of how Frontrunners and Unitemps can help build your skills and confidence.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like talking to people – quite the opposite; I don’t stop talking. I certainly wouldn’t be described as the shy and retiring type! But there’s something about being on the phone to someone I don’t know, that I have never liked. Not a phobia as such, but something I try and avoid if I can.

However, I knew that this was something that I had to get over if I wanted a career after uni because being on the phone is an essential part of most jobs, especially in Journalism. So when my Unitemps Manager asked me what I wanted to get out of my placement, I wrote about my dislike for being on the phone and how I hoped to improve this.

Since then, I have helped out in the office with administration work. Not only does this give me administration experience, which will be useful when I graduate and I am looking for a job, but it also means that I spend time on the phone. At first I was nervous, but after the first two or three phone calls, my worries went away. I started off making calls to students to ask if they wanted to work certain jobs and I’ve also been phoning successful candidates to give them information about an interview. As well as this, I now willingly pick up the phone in the office when it rings, rather than hoping someone else will answer it!

When I saw the job about temps who were needed to work in a call centre, I didn’t hesitate when applying, and got a week’s worth of shifts! Not only is this money going to come in handy (I’ve spent it already on clothes!), but it’s a great opportunity and the experience looks great on my ever-building CV.

While the work you do for Unitemps may not be specific to your degree, the skills and the experience you gain from it is invaluable, and puts you at an advantage in the fierce competition for graduate jobs.


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