Graduating from De Montfort University in 2013? How We Can Help You!

So your student days have finally come to an end, and you can finally write ‘Graduate’ on your CV. So what’s the next step?

No need to be worried; you’re not going to be thrown into the real world just yet, the Careers and Employability team at the Student Gateway is here to give you a push in the right direction. Whether you need advice on career prospects or you are undecided on what your next step should be, the team is here to help.

Here are some points on what Careers and Employability can offer you:

  • A careers service for life (only few universities have this)
  • Access to appointments face-to-face with an advisor or e-guidance
  • Access to DMU Works where you can find graduate jobs advertised
  • Alumni services

If you haven’t been on the Careers and Employability website yet, here are a just a few things you’re missing out on:

  • Online resources; e-guidance is available to all of our students, graduates and alumni. This includes: help with testing, careers success toolkit and online job sites.
  • Graduate Plus; Held on campus, Graduate Plus is a free, three-day residential course focused on helping finalists and recent graduates explore and develop key skills for the future.
  • Advice for international students on working after university.

Come and see the Careers & Employability team in the Student Gateway for an ASK appointment, Monday – Friday – 10am to 4pm in term time and 11am to 3pm during vacations.

You can call 0116 257 7595 or email to book an appointment in advance or simply turn up and book on the day.


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