Congrats to the Class of 2013! – [Guest Post from Raven (Frontrunner)]

Congratulations to the class of 2013 for graduating! This should be a time for celebrating your success but I have recently noticed that graduates are constantly bombarded with negativity, especially in the news. But why?

As a university student, I constantly hear ‘graduates unable to find jobs’ or questions such as, ‘when finding a job does it matter what you studied and where you studied?’ They are all fair questions, of course, but where’s the positive? It’s hard enough being at university, but then to read that in the end you won’t even get a job out if it… just seems pointless going to university in the first place.

Being a graduate must be one of the best feelings ever! It’s just a shame that the excitement and joy is cut short, because of the pressure graduates are faced with. I was reading an article in the Guardian which read, ‘Graduate unemployment is not only creating an economic black hole but a terrible human tragedy’. The article went on to discuss graduates being like boomerangs, as after graduating 27% move back in with their parents. Well, of course they will. Not every student is going to have their own home to go back to.

The answer to why students go back home after graduating is not as simple as ‘young people prefer free catering and laundry in the parental home to the challenge of independence.’ There are more factors to it; one being the current economic climate.

However, some students believe that because they are graduates, they may be over-qualified for certain jobs. But you have to remember, there’s no shame in working in retail, catering or a 9 – 5 office job; you’re just settling yourself back into the real world.

As long as you continue to search and apply for the job of your dreams, you might as well make some money, to save towards a place of your own, or just to help foot the bill while you live at your parents’ house. Do this for yourself; don’t accept the label that society gives you, as you are more than this group of people society is made to feel sorry for.

So don’t dwell too much on the negativity! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Just don’t give up! Here are a few websites that offer some great advice and tips for once you’ve graduated. I have also added some jobsites to help you along your way:

Graduate Career Tips

Prospects – Interviews

Target Jobs



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