Starting Your Portfolio – Concept Cupboard for Creatives

As a creative, your portfolio is the most important place to showcase your work, skills and passion. It is a place where you can express yourself and show your accomplishments.

Your portfolio will change and develop as you mature and experience new surroundings, but it will also aid you to promote yourself to potential employers or freelance opportunities.

Starting a student portfolio

When thinking of collating your work, you want to determine the type of work you want to include. Do you have a theme or certain skills you want to showcase?

Think about where you want your portfolio to be. Can it be photographed well and used via blogs or Pinterest? Think about where your audience ‘lives’ and engage with them here. The majority of this is taking place online.

Benefits of a Portfolio?

The benefits of having a portfolio are great with a few of them listed below:

  • Develop your critical thinking skills – evaluate your work at every stage, in order to improve
  • A place to reflect and remember what you have achieved
  • Use to help you prepare for interviews and showcase your work

Where to look?

Once you have a portfolio, you’ll want to start building on your work and experience and Concept Cupboard is a brilliant place to start.

Concept Cupboard is an online creative community giving students and graduates the opportunity to work on real client briefs, build their portfolio, and earn money!

They have projects for designers, writers, web specialists, social media gurus, photographers, film-makers & more.

The simple idea is that a business submits a project brief, which has a budget and needs completing. You then submit a proposal of how you will fulfill that brief and the best submission wins and you get paid for it.

You can register and use the Concept Cupboard site for free. You’ll be notified once a week with all of the latest projects live and available. Visit to find out more.


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