New Academic Year Resolutions

New Academic Year's Resolutions

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Ah, it’s that time of the year again. September – the new academic year is just around the corner and the summer memories still linger on in your mind. It’s time to put down the fun and games and welcome the fresh new start. With the new academic year also come new resolutions – work harder, submit those essays before the last deadline, be on time for that early morning lecture and finally polish off that CV. So what could be a better time than now to get a membership to the gym and this time actually use it? And what could be a better place to do that than DMU’s Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre?  Here’s a couple of reasons why getting a membership to Leisure Centre might be the best resolution you’ve decided to stick to:

1.      New year – new prices!

Now, you don’t need to know the whole name of the Leisure Centre to know that it is an absolutely fantastic place with student-friendly prices. The Leisure Centre was opened during the last academic year with an official ceremony at which Prince Edward was present. The gym provides 23 different classes, suitable for everyone – from beginners to advanced users. The classes are led by the highly qualified and friendly staff who make sure you have tons of fun, as well as provide a serious workout. From Yoga to Spinning and Kettlebells – whatever your pace and endurance, you can find your ideal class there. If you, however, prefer individual training with your headphones in your ears and your thoughts to yourself, feel free to use the fitness state-of-the-art equipment, the swimming pool or the sports hall.

Not only does Queen Elizabeth II has the latest equipment and the friendliest staff – it also has the best prices! The Leisure Centre is introducing new prices during the new academic year and thanks to that, the Leisure Centre has been judged as “Best Value for Money”. With the new prices, depending on the package they choose, students can pay as little as £12 per month! Check out the prices below and jog yourself to the registration!

Gold Package: Includes fitness suite, studio (classes), sports hall (limited availability), pool, sauna, wet classes (dependant on timetable).

Prices:  £240 annual online fee, £264 annual fee through reception, £25 per month.

Silver Package: Includes: off-peak: fitness suite, studio (classes), sports hall, pool, sauna, wet classes.

Prices: £180 annual online fee,£198 annual fee through reception, £18,75 per month.

Bronze: Includes: Pool, sauna, wet classes (dependant on timetable).

Prices:£120 annual online fee,£132 annual fee through reception,£12 per month.  

2.      Know yourself

Well, you know how the Greek philosopher Socrates said “Know thyself”? No? Oh, well a lot of people said that anyway, so I’m sure you’d be familiar with at least one of them. Knowing yourself is essential to all your future life decisions. Think about it – what is the first question they ask you when you go to a job interview? “Tell us something about yourself?”. This question implies that you should be familiar with your strengths and your ability to overcome your weaknesses. Signing up to the gym is a very good place to get to know your possibilities and limits – how strong is your will, how well you work in a team, how well you communicate with others and how self disciplined you are. Most importantly, you can improve all of those qualities at the gym. Finally, joining the University gym and trying something new, such as joining one of the sports teams, might lead to a surprising discovery about a passion you never thought you had!

3.      Know those around you!

There isn’t a better way to socialize and literally feel the pain and gain of the person next to you than the gym. Want to find new friends? Well, hit the Leisure Centre for a fierce but fun session of Zumba! After all, nothing brings people together better than sharing the rhythm of Latin vibes and laughing it off when they can’t get the steps right. Most importantly, the chance of meeting your classmates at the Leisure Centre are far better than meeting them anywhere else, only this time, you’ll see them in a totally different light than the usual early morning lecture.

4.     A healthy body-a healthy mind

It is a well-known fact that being in tune with your mind is the best and fastest way to achieve focus. There isn’t a better way to let go of the stress around exams and deadlines than an hour in the swimming pool or on the treadmill. As the miles slip under your legs, so does the stress and the pressure. Furthermore, sport is the best way to train many desirable personal traits such as strong will, concentration and perseverance. These qualities will be useful both in your studies and along your career path!

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