Get your foot in the door with a graduate internship – [CASE STUDIES]

Here at DMU we really care about our students’ and graduates’ employability. Which is why we offer a variety of schemes, designed to help students develop and apply the key skills that employers are looking for. For graduates looking to gain some work experience in SMEs in/around Leicester at the start of their careers, we offer a 13-week internship scheme, which has already benefited many DMU graduates. We have collated a few case studies reflecting the benefits that those opportunities have brought to both the graduate and the employer. For more information about the internship scheme and the current opportunities available, visit our website.

Internship workspace

photo credit: CHRISSPdotCOM via photopin cc

Inbound Digital Marketing – Jordan Belli


Jordan Belli graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Creative Management and Marketing. He applied for an internship with Inbound Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency, to gain experience in this sector.  He specifically wanted to work for a smaller organisation where he could gain experience in various parts of the business and ‘learn the ropes to progress further’.


Whilst working for Inbound Digital Marketing, Jordan worked on various client campaigns involving PPC (Pay Per Click marketing), email marketing and managing projects that involved working to tight deadlines. The role helped Jordan build on many of his skills, in particular his organisational and presentation skills.


Dan Holt, the director of the company, said: ‘Jordan is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. He is keen to learn and has taken on everything that we have thrown at him with an exceptionally positive attitude. He is particularly good at coming up with creative ideas for new things we can try for our clients and his organisational skills have come in leaps and bounds over the last couple of months. He needs to have more confidence in himself, as he really is very efficient and a pleasure to work with.’

Jordan stayed with the company as a Project Manager once he had completed his internship.

North Urbanism – Laura Wedgebury


Laura Wedgebury, an Architecture graduate from De Montfort University applied for a 13-week internship as an Urban Designer and Visualiser with North Urbanism. She had developed an interest in urban design during her course. North Urbanism are based in Leicester and promote sustainable development and generate conditions for good urbanism. Their main areas of work include Urban Design, Masterplanning and Digital Illustration.


Laura’s objective during the internship was to develop innovative techniques in 2D/3D graphics and visualisation that can be adapted to a wide range of urban design proposals. In addition to this, she developed her understanding of urban design and its role in the planning process by being involved in live projects, site visits and hands-on design work.


Whilst working with North Urbanism, Laura worked on a mix of live projects and design development work; she also learnt to use new software mainly through self-guided, online tutorials.  Having conducted a couple of site visits on the internship, Laura was introduced to urban design theory and practise relating to residential development.  As a result of the internship, Laura is working with North Urbanism and another local company on a freelance basis.

Damian Williams, the Director of North Urbanism, said: ‘I am very pleased with my experience of DMU’s internship scheme and it achieved the majority of the outcomes I expected from it. I would have no hesitation in hiring Laura, should a full-time position become available and will continue to work with her on a freelance basis’.

Sherwin Hall Kitchens – Anne Roberts


Anne Roberts, an Architecture graduate from De Montfort University, applied for a graduate internship with Sherwin Hall Kitchens, as she had always had a passion for interior design and believed that the Junior Designer position at the company would enable her to put what she had learnt at university into practice.


Anne had learnt AutoCAD and SketchUp at university, but her internship allowed her to develop her skills further. Anne also learnt to use a 3D design computer programme, which she was able to use when presenting ideas to customers.  During her placement she was involved in drawing accurate plans and elevations for Sherwin Hall customers who were looking for new kitchen and bathroom designs.  Anne worked closely with other designers enabling her to gain knowledge of the design process, products and popular designs.


As a result of Anne’s hard work and talent demonstrated throughout the internship programme, Sherwin Hall decided to recruit Anne as a permanent member of staff.  Nicola Gavin, a senior designer at the company, said: ‘During Anne’s time with us she has proven to be a great asset. We have every confidence Anne will continue the good work and will become an important member of the design team’.


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