Employability Mentoring launch event

A new industry partnership project has emerged from the Careers and Employability Team at DMU, developed as part of the Graduate Plus programme. On the evening of Monday 16th June, the Employability Mentoring Project was launched to a range of graduates and industry representatives at an event in the Campus Centre.

The evening hosted a range of activities. including networking, showcasing careers services to industry, presentations, mentoring in pairs, a discussion-based workshop exploring online mentoring and a think tank activity led by students who have been helping to develop the mentoring project here at DMU.


Attendance from industry included existing partners, ranging from representation from the Square Mile project, contacts from the Graduate Champions and the Employer Liaison teams, and alumni returning to help other graduates. Industries represented included architecture, banking, education, tax, IT and consulting. Mentors were from various levels in industry – from junior through to senior staff; and represented a range of employers – from local SMEs through to major global companies.

The evening was a great opportunity to showcase how the University can bring together industry representatives as mentors and graduates as mentees in professional one-to-one relationships, where the mentor can impart knowledge and perspective to help inform the graduates’ career journeys.



Following the event, the Project Officer commented, ‘The evening was a great success. Graduates engaged in first introductions with mentors who were able to set the stage for ongoing meetings. Graduates praised the value of a mentor’s perspective on their development and how they were looking forward to future meetings, whilst industry mentors were surprised at how challenged they felt in their one-to-ones as a result of being in a  position to respond to the needs and questions of a mentee about to enter the job market. This is a sample of how the project will provide a platform for valuable professional development for both mentor and mentee in shaping their skills and knowledge.’

We are now turning our attention to the July Graduate Plus cohort, where we get to do it all over again!

Have you engaged in any mentoring before? What did the experience bring to you and your career development? Let us know in the comments!


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