Employability Mentoring at DMU – [UPDATE]


The Employability Mentoring project at DMU is gearing up for another gig as part of Graduate Plus 2014. Graduate Plus is a great initiative offered by the Careers and Employability Team to finalists and graduates each summer to help them improve on their employability skills. As part of the programme, we offer them the opportunity to undertake mentoring with an experience professional from industry to help them through their career journey.

Building on the successes of June’s cohort of graduates, another group starts the scheme on 21st July, when once again, as part of our offer, we are giving graduates the opportunity to access a mentor to support them either online or face-to-face.

At the event we are running mentoring workshops, either face-to-face with mentors from industry, in peer mentoring pairs and trios, or in creative activities. Our project think tank, comprised of a number of current DMU students, will be leading a significant amount of activity on the night, both in presenting to the group and leading creative workshops.

Mentors attending the event represent a range of industries – from the local authority, self-employed consultants, to the voluntary sector and new entrepreneurs. It promises to be a great night and establish employability mentoring as a permanent feature on future Graduate Plus programmes.


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