Employability Mentoring at DMU – [UPDATE]

The past few weeks have been busy for the Employability Mentoring Project. We delivered another successful mentoring launch event at DMU’s Graduate Plus scheme in July, building on the successes of the Graduate Plus event in June. Recent graduates had the opportunity to initiate and engage in mentoring as part of a wider employability programme, resulting in fantastic evaluations regarding the quality of the project. As a result we now have 35 active pairings between mentors and mentees, some of which are now coming to an end and being evaluated.


The project has just joined the Peer Mentoring Task and Finish Group at DMU to support the wider drive in promoting the value of mentoring across the institution. The group is comprised of a number of staff across campus who undertake work that involves peer mentoring/peer support. Work is in development to promote employability in locations across the campus using a range of approaches including stalls, training workshops and a conference. More info on this and how to get involved will be published in a separate blog post soon.

We are working on and refining drafts for our projects policy and quality charter, whilst also working towards accrediting the project with a national recognised quality mark. The projects’ own student-led Think Tank has been active in promoting, presenting, critiquing and designing a lot of this work. Thanks to the Think Tank for their hard work and dedication.



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