Keeping your work-life balance in check for your final year at uni

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs


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It’s a well-known fact that your final year at university can be a rather stressful one to say the least. You’ve got a work load as long as your arm, a part-time job that funds the small social life you’ve got left and if that wasn’t enough, you’ve got to find some kind of a graduate job.

I’ve recently graduated from Keele University so I know personally that your final year can put a massive strain on your social life. I found myself longingly gazing at the SU from my library desk on a regular basis – and the truth is I really wish I’d gone out more. When I did go out I actually felt so much better for having a proper break from the stress of uni work.

So I’ve been very kind and written some top tips to make sure your work-life balance is kept in check and you avoid turning into a hermit for your final year.

Write yourself a schedule

It sounds really regimented but if you’re in your final year, the chance of having a huge work load is pretty high – so a schedule is a must if you want to have some time to yourself. Get yourself a diary or just write down the days on a piece of paper – jot down everything you need to do in the next few weeks. It’s important to try and be honest with yourself in terms of how much work you have and how long it will take you.

A really important part of your schedule is some lovely down time – so set yourself targets to complete by the end of the week. I used to say I would work solidly 9-5 during the week and have the weekends off. This was a really good way of making sure you had your time off and it was an amazing incentive to get my work done.

Use your time wisely

In my first and second year I was the queen of procrastination – when it came to essay writing you’d often find me staring out the window aimlessly or scrawling through the same Facebook page again and again (basically anything but work). In the end I’d find myself sitting in the library not actually doing work – so I might as well have been out! Learn from my mistakes and use your time wisely – if you get all your work done and dusted, then you can actually enjoy going out. As opposed to being in a vicious circle where you’re constantly at your desk because you still haven’t done your essays/revision.  So make sure you get your head down for the majority of the week so you can get the perfect work-life balance!

Know your limits

I know you want to do really well but you need to make sure that you know when your body/brain says ‘enough is enough’. If you’ve been working for hours and you find yourself staring blankly at the page, then you need to take a break. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time – because you won’t be creating quality work. Try and go for a quick coffee and a catch up with a friend. The nice thing about being in the library is that there’ll be so many of your friends desperate to take a break – so you can drag them along with you! This way you’ve got a fresh head and you’re ready to start your work again after you’ve chilled out with your friends for a bit.

Keep in touch with your friends

It’s so easy to hide away when you’re feeling stressed but make sure you touch base with your friends. Don’t forget that they’re there to help. Your friends in their final year will understand more than anyone- so have a good vent to them and keep in touch, so when it’s time to relax you’ve got friends nearby to enjoy your down time with!

So there we go – my top tips to keep your work-life balance in check in your final year at uni! Keep calm and enjoy it – you’ve not got long left until you’ll be in the working world – so it’s important to have fun!

Scarlett WilsonAuthor Bio:

Scarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, e-commerce, media and marketing jobs from the UK’s top brands. Follow her on Twitter: @Scarlett278


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