Top tips for making the most of #DMUFair14

The Internships, Placements and Graduate Careers Fair takes place in the Campus Centre at DMU between 21st and 23rd October. We have a fantastic line-up of organisations attending over the 3 days and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet employers, practise your networking skills and find out about the different schemes available for you to apply.

You can access the Internships, Placements and Graduate Careers Fair brochure which provides a summary on each organisation attending the Fair from MyGateway.

#DMUFair14 is not just about 3rd year students looking for graduate-level jobs; a lot of the employers attending will be promoting their placement and internship schemes, so if you’re looking for some experience while still at university, this is a great opportunity to find out what’s on offer and how you can apply. In order to help you make the most of #DMUFair14, we have compiled some tips below…

1. Find out which employers are attending

First of all, find out which employers are attending on which day and make sure you make time to meet the ones you’d really like to find out more about. For a full list of exhibitors attending, head over to MyGateway.

2. Do your research – prepare some questions

Once you have decided which employers you’d like to approach in the Fair, do some research and prepare some questions to ask. Find out what schemes and vacancies companies offer because this might not always be obvious. Large companies often run different graduate programmes and look for graduates from a variety of disciplines. An Engineering company might also have roles in Management, Marketing, Business Development, HR, etc.

3. Dress to impress

It’s a universal truth that first impressions count, so take this opportunity to network with employers seriously and put your best foot forward. You do not have to wear a suit, but showing that you have put some effort in your appearance and care about how you come across will really set you apart. Use this opportunity as an exercise in presenting yourself to potential future employers in interview and assessment centre situations.

4. Speak to employers and make notes of any follow-up steps you need to take

Be confident and smile when you approach employers and ask questions that show you have done some research. Show interest in what the employer is saying and make notes of vital information you think you might not be able to find later. When you’re asking questions, try not to ask anything that you can easily find on the company website. Remember that you are talking to a company employee; ask them about their own experience, what the company values and looks for in a candidate.

5. Follow-up

A few days after the Fair, make sure you go through your notes and take any follow-up actions necessary. If you have made a record of an employer’s contact details, make sure to get in touch and show your interest in applying for their opportunities. And last, but not least, start applying for vacancies while the information you have received from employers is still fresh in your mind.


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