Top employer tips from #DMUFair14

#DMUFair14, which took place between 21st and 23rd October in the Campus Centre, proved a popular event with both students and employers. We welcomed over 1200 students and graduates over the three days of the Fair. Attendees had the opportunity to meet over 50 external employers, as well as various services offered at DMU.

Whilst at the Fair, we spoke to a few employers and asked them to share one top tip for students and graduates applying for their schemes, as well as the key skills they look for.


PCMS Group

Top tip – “Good communication skills count above anything else. Real life work examples are also key, as you need to demonstrate how you deal with workplace situations and problems.”

Key skills – “Problem solving, teamwork, analytical skills.”


Top tip – “Demonstrate industry awareness, excellent research into the company and good understanding of the role. Previous work experience is not a prerequisite for our roles, but it gives you more to talk about and relate your skills to the role you’re applying for.”

Key skills – “Communication skills, commercial awareness, being inquisitive. Wanting to know why.”


Top tip – “Be yourself! You’ll get caught out otherwise.”

Key skills – “Teamwork, focus, problem solving, communication, examples to demonstrate those skills.”

Check Point

Top tip – “Get in front of the employer. Make your CV shine. Work experience is very important; placements are invaluable.”

Key skills – “Have something to make you stand out, especially in the interview.”

PSA Peugeot Citroen

Top tip – “Draw on your experiences. A lot of students struggle with this, but use your work experience, volunteering, sports to show how those activities portray key competences.”

Key skills – “Communication skills, working with others, building relationships, driving things forward.”


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