3 things we know about graduates who studied in Leicester [Guest post]

This is a guest post by graduate-jobs.com


photo credit: Jack.OSullivan via photopin cc

photo credit: Jack.OSullivan via photopin cc

Here at graduate-jobs.com we recently undertook some detailed research into how graduates who studied in different parts of the country compared to each other. We looked at some key employability information like what sectors graduates were interested in working in, what classification they received for their degree and whether or not they had work experience. We looked at the biggest university cities and towns in the UK and discovered that graduates from Leicester are one of the leaders in the pack.

Our research focused on towns and cities so our findings are based on the results of both you fine fellows of De Montfort University and those from the University of Leicester. Which means unfortunately, I can’t give you all the credit for these impressive findings, but we all know where the praise really lies.

So from looking at the findings from our study, here are 3 things we now know about graduates who studied in Leicester.

You’re smarter than the rest…

Yes, that’s right! We can officially announce that graduates who studied in Leicester are smarter than the average graduate from the rest of the UK. Well done De Montfort you brainboxes, you’ve exceeded the national averages in terms of achieving “good degree” grades.

From our research, the national average for receiving a 2.1 degree, the classification that is usually regarded as the bench mark of a very good degree, stands at 48.1%. This is surpassed by graduates that studied in the East Midlands city, with an impressive 55.9% of your notching a praiseworthy and impressive 2.1.

The erudite excellence of De Montfort and Leicester graduates does not stop there either. A staggering 12.5% of graduates from your city managed to get a First Class degree, easing past the national average of 9.8%.

For current students this might seem slightly inconsequential, but when it comes to applying for graduate jobs and graduate schemes, employers will look to use your degree grade as a way to quickly sift out the best from the rest.

On a side note, if you are on course for a 2.2 or lower, do not panic! Many big employers and prestigious schemes do not disregard graduates with a Desmond, take a look at this to find out more.

You’re natural leaders…

The most interesting information that we managed to discover when looking at the different types of graduate from around the country was the choice of sectors. When registering with graduate-jobs.com, you are given the opportunity to decide what sectors you’d like to work in. It was sometimes possible, from the choices made, to see what kind of graduates particular areas in the UK produced and the same can be said of you guys in Leicester.

The most popular sector choice made by graduates from De Montfort University and those lot across town was the Management sector. Over 30% of you wanted to pursue a career in Management, suggesting you ooze confidence, control and organisation. Management is a popular choice of career with graduates, with many graduate schemes opening doors to a variety of career paths and possible futures. It should be noted that Management is also the most popular sector across the UK, but slightly fewer graduates (28.5%) from the rest of the UK chose the sector.

Get some experience while you can…

I apologise if I have lead you to imagine that your graduate job hunt will be a stroll in the park, however, there is one area for improvement for graduates from Leicester. Many employers are beginning to shift their focus from looking for the brightest and most switched on graduates, but towards graduates who have some experience in the role. This is a luxury they can now afford to do with more graduates in the market and competition higher for places.

Graduates from Leicester do not fair that well when it comes to having work experience. Around 17% of graduates from the UK have managed to gain some form of work experience and will be at a distinct advantage when put in front of employers. But just 11% of graduates from Leicester have managed the same feat. It is not the end of the world, nor is it done and dusted. It is in fact one of the most easily rectified problems.

This doesn’t have to be a stringent internship programme or tapping up some work shadowing at daddy’s firm. But if you can show employers some evidence of workplace skills like team work or customer service, as well as the responsibility that comes alongside that, they will be more than impressed.

If you take nothing away from this blog post, make sure you speak to your fantastic Careers Service and see how they can help with getting you ready for the working world.

See our full Leicester Research and jobs available in Leicester here.

By James Howell.


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