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About Gradcracker

Gradcracker is the UK’s careers website for engineering and technology students. Students can find the latest opportunities relevant to their degree discipline and can search for work placements, graduate programmes and graduate vacancies.

Personalising Gradcracker

My Gradcracker

You can select the disciplines you are interested in and Follow your favourite employers to give you a news page with all the information you need. You can receive live feeds and alerts and create a personalised news feed.

My Gradcracker is also available as a mobile app which you can download, free of charge, from the App Store or Google Play. This is a great way to stay organised and up-to-date with all your favourite employers whilst on the move.

Follow Feature

The Follow feature on Gradcracker allows you to keep up-to-date with all of a company’s latest content and opportunities. Gradcracker will alert you to any news from your ‘followed’ companies so you’ll never miss out on the perfect role for you. Employers on Gradcracker can see who ‘follows’ them when searching the CV database.

Application Diary & Notes

Using the application diary allows you to manage and record your job applications. Whenever you are about to apply for a position on, you will be given the option to ‘add to application diary’. The employer, position and date will automatically be recorded. You will also have the facility to add any research or notes.

Recently Viewed

Through this feature you can see everything you have viewed in the last 2 weeks.


Every employer who advertises on Gradcracker can access the database of CVs. By uploading your CV, you will give those employers a chance to find out about you! If you are ‘following’ that company, they will be able to see that you are particularly interested in working for them.

My Key Competences

Most companies will have a list of key personal attributes (or competences) that they will look for when interviewing candidates for placement or graduate opportunities.

The ‘My Key Competences’ area lists some of the more typical ones with some examples of how you have displayed these competences in your own life.

Other Relevant Opportunities

Gradcracker shows you the latest opportunities, relevant to you discipline, from employers you have yet to Follow.

My Gradcracker App

My Gradcracker is also available as a mobile app which you can download, free of charge, from the App Store or Google Play. This is a great way to stay organised and up-to-date with all your favourite employers whilst on the move.

Your Alerts – view alerts from companies you are ‘following’ when they post new opportunities.

Push Notifications – be alerted when your ‘followed’ companies post new opportunities (Currently available on iPhone only).

Your Saved Opportunities – save opportunities to your application diary so you can review and apply for them later.

Your ‘Followed’ Employers – review and manage the alerts you receive from your ‘followed’ employers.

Gradcracker Toolkit – discover the various industry sectors you could work in and find the employers within those sectors which appeal to you the most.

Your Settings – manage your account settings and notifications alerts.

You can search by your discipline type and by whether you are looking for a work placement or a graduate opportunity. If you are looking for a work placement, you can choose to search year-long or summer durations. You can also search for placements in your preferred geographic region.

Multi-platform News Feeds


If you ‘like’ Gradcracker on Facebook, you will receive the latest site updates as they happen.


Gradcracker tweets their ‘followers’ all the latest news instantly.


Major developments to and new features can be viewed on LinkedIn.


+1 Gradcracker to stay up-to-date with all the latest opportunities and news.


You can view a selection of employer videos on the Gradcracker YouTube channel.


Read news, opinion and advice from employers, industry experts, universities and other guest bloggers on the Gradcracker blog.

Company Alerts

You can choose to receive news only from your favourite employers by using the Follow button on the Company Hubs within


Gradcracker TV

Gradcracker TV is an area of Gradcracker where you can view all the video content from across the website in one place. You can watch videos of employers’ products and operations and you can also watch video profiles of their recent graduates telling you about their early experiences in the world of work. There are nearly 200 videos on Gradcracker TV.

Join Gradcracker

Registering on Gradcracker is quick, easy and, of course, free.

It allows you to customise your personal area of Gradcracker, ‘My Gradcracker’, to show you the opportunities that you are most interested in and registering also ensures that you will receive Gradcracker’s weekly e-newsletter direct to your inbox.

Register on Gradcracker now! 


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