Employability Mentoring at DMU – Employability Week

Interview with Confidence

During week 6 Employability Week Andy Morris took time out from the Employability Mentoring Project to run a skills workshop called ‘Interview with Confidence’. Based on a similar model ran earlier this year with Youth and Community Students, Andy co-facilitated a workshop in the Health and Life Sciences Faculty with Dr Mhairi Morris for 10 students who signed up to develop their interview skills. The aim of the workshop was to ‘increase the awareness of students’ own qualities and development points in relation to interviews and to improve their skills through experiential learning and peer review’.

The workshops allowed students to experience first-hand the creation of job descriptions and to interview their fellow students in structured job interviews. The students were able to understand the work that goes into a job description and person specification and then developed the skills of reading into adverts to find out what employers are looking for. By sitting on both sides of the interview table and through observation of a range of additional interviews, students were able to gain feedback on their own skills, refine their technique and unpack good practice for future use in real life interviews.

A number of the students involved are now planning to run a similar workshop as facilitators themselves to their peers in week 22 employability week. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

“This workshop has affirmed my perceptions and views of myself. I have learned different skills in terms of how to conduct myself in an interview.”

“Very good workshop, one of the most helpful ones I’ve attended. Well organised and planned out.”

“This needs to be a permanent thing for students to sign up to.”

“Really enjoyed this different, refreshing workshop. Believe everyone learnt something new and gained news skills. Would like to help in future similar events.”

“Informative and personal – applied to me directly, not just generally. Seeing things from the other side was interesting.”

“A lot more confident that before, I’ve had verbal and non-verbal peer assessments and, most importantly, I’ve been told what to improve on.”


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