Employer of the month – February 2015 – FDM Group


Excerpt from the FDM website

“FDM Group is a professional services provider with a focus on IT. FDM’s business model is both unique and robust, bringing people and technology together. FDM has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading IT graduate employer and one of the top 25 fastest growing companies in Europe.”

With leadership being one of the most sought-after skills in any industry, FDM’s programmes are tailored for successful candidates to progress into leadership roles. FDM also works with prestigious clients from around the world, some of which include Asda, British Airways, Lloyds Banking and BSkyB, all of which will be part of your invaluable learning experience of being an FDM IT or Business consultant.

Career Path

One of the advantageous factors of FDM’s graduate programme is that it offers in-depth and comprehensive training, as well as valuable commercial experience. This means that graduates with the necessary qualifications who are lacking industry experience will find the FDM graduate programme well suited to them.

Typical career path

  1. Train in one of FDM’s renowned academies- in the UK, Germany, USA or Canada
  2. Complete initial foundation training
  3. Follow your individual learning pathway taught by expert trainers
  4. Progress as a professional FDM consultant
  5. Represent FDM in client projects, gaining commercial experience
  6. Develop industry-required business and technical skills


With regards to training, it is expected of trainees to complete foundation training after which they will be assigned either a business or technical pathway, following aptitude assessments.

Business learning pathways:

  1. Project Support Office
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Data and Operational Analysis
  4. Business Test Analysis

Technical learning pathways:

  1. Software Testing
  2. Software Development
  3. Production Support
  4. MX.3 production Support

Why choose the FDM programme?

Not only does FDM offer novel career opportunities, there are options to work for FDM on three different continents. Also, due to the increasing number of clients in France, there are unique opportunities for bilingual (French and English) speakers to explore a career there.

More advantages of the FDM graduate programme:

  1. Employment with the UK’s leading IT graduate employer
  2. Award-winning IT and Business training combined with two years of commercial experience
  3. Fast growing global presence, with clients around the world
  4. Job security for at least two years
  5. Graduates from all years encouraged to apply
  6. Opportunities to work internationally as an FDM consultant
  7. Applications for the FDM Graduate Programme accepted all year round
  8. Start dated are scheduled throughout the year

What’s that? You want to apply? Here’s how: http://www.fdmgroup.com/uk/apply/ 

Good luck!


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