Stay in Leicester over the summer? Why not?

“Staying in Leicester over the summer? Why in the world would I want to do that?”, we hear you earnestly ask. Well, believe it or not, tons of people find themselves in this very predicament every year. Being the helpful lot that we are over here at the Student Gateway, we are going to give you the low-down on what it might be like to stay in your university town over the summer.

During the summer months the rent in any student city is significantly cheaper than the rest of the year. Many halls of residences offer special discounts, especially if you stay with them during the academic year as well, so be sure to check with them.  If you are considering getting a house next year, then you should probably understand that some landlords may demand that you start paying the monthly rent from around July. You might be able to take advantage of this by moving in before the term has begun. If you do decide to stay over the summer, you can apply for the DMU Summer Fund that is designed to contribute to your rent costs over the summer. The scheme is first-come, first-served so be sure to apply as soon as you can here.

With your accommodation cost out of the way, you just need to make sure that there’s enough for you to do in Leicester over the summer so you don’t get bored and lonely. If you come from a small rural town, then staying in Leicester might actually be a better option when it comes to things to do. And if you were already planning to move into a house at the start of the next academic year with your mates, you could sweet-talk them to come and stay with you over the summer months. The last thing to consider when deciding whether to stay in Leicester over the summer is the fact that despite being a student city, Leicester is ironically one of the less competitive locations when it comes to applying for placements and internships. This is simply because the majority of the students spend the summer at home. It would be silly to not take advantage of this, especially now that the end of term is just around the corner. Why not take a look at the current job opportunities on MyGateway and start planning for your summer?


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