What to expect from a Careers Consultation

Careers Consultation appointments can be effective in helping you consider a suitable career, evaluate your options, and formulate a strategy for achieving your goals.

The appointments themselves are typically 30 minutes long, confidential, one-to-one sessions between yourself and an experienced adviser.  The types of issues which might be covered in a careers consultation include:

  • Helping you to identify and analyse the skills you have to offer.
  • Talking about your course, its relevance to career choice, and what you have gained from it.
  • Exploring the range of career options open to you and helping you to research possibilities such as graduate jobs, work experience, internships, further study, and time out to travel or a change in direction.
  • Discussing how to put yourself across effectively in CVs and written applications and during selection interviews and assessment processes.
  • The process of job search and selection.
  • Encouraging self-reflection and making connections between your academic study, your voluntary work experience, and your home life and identifying how these all contribute towards your employability.
  • Looking into areas where you are less confident in your skills and providing strategies to build your confidence.
  • Reviewing your course/job choice or search to see if any changes of approach are necessary in order to secure a satisfactory outcome.

The structure and content of a careers consultation will depend in part on what your needs are, and typically the careers adviser will offer:

  • Impartial, client centered and non-judgmental guidance.
  • Support in decision making and prioritising actions.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Alternative sources of information and help where appropriate.

A career consultation will not include:

  • Telling you what choice is best for you – the decisions need to be yours.
  • Producing lists of companies or vacancies which suit a narrowly defined field of interest.
  • Filling in application forms or writing letters for you, or ringing companies on your behalf to enquire about vacancies or work experience.
  • Proof-reading and writing your CV.

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