Employer of the month – Accenture

Accenture are the powerhouses in management consultancy. Operating in an industry worth around £50bn with a 9% slice of the market share, Accenture are a force to be reckoned with. To put this into perspective, try wrapping your head around the fact that 20% of the world’s telephone numbers are billed using Accenture technology. Or perhaps that a quarter of the planet’s internet traffic is secured, once again, by Accenture. That should give you an idea of Accenture’s global influence, but as well as being the world’s largest consultancy firm, they also have a pretty nifty graduate programmes.


Why Accenture?

  1. Opportunity to work on projects that are revolutionising the world
  2. You’ll also get to work alongside clients operating in a variety of industries, 91 of which are in the Fortune Global 100
  3. Intensive training and development , helping you build world class skills in business and technology
  4. A competitive starting salary and benefits

Which programme is right for you?

Client and Market Consulting Graduate Programme:


Joining us as part of our Analyst Consulting Group (ACG) you will work with clients to address their business needs and identify market opportunities. You’ll help shape their strategy and design the solutions they need to solve their business challenges.

Skills/attributes you’ll need:

  • High performer/driven
  • Enjoys working as part of a team
  • Curious about business and technology and strong problem solving skills.

Client Delivery Graduate Programme:

On joining you will work within a client delivery team to design, develop, test and deliver strategic solutions. You will be right at the centre of the delivery team, gaining practical, hands on experience of working across the full project lifecycle, and the satisfaction of seeing ideas become a reality.

Skills/attributes you’ll need:

  • An interest in technology
  • Great project management skills
  • Interest in process improvement.

Software Engineering Graduate Programme:

On joining you will work as part of a team to drive technology development programmes to deploy in different environments.

Skills/attributes you’ll need:

  • A flair for technology
  • Loves everything about software engineering and end-to-end design and delivery.

Being a business of large scope and influence, there’s no limit to what you can be involved in at Accenture. You’ll need to be flexible as the business is client-driven. Ultimately the work you end up doing is driven by where demand is greatest. You’ll also need to be fairly mobile as client projects will take you all over the country, even around the world.

So the question is, are you ready to bring your talent and passion to a global organisation at the forefront of business, technology and innovation? If so watch this short video on advice and guidance on the application process and how to make the most of it.


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