A Brief Introduction to Leicester

Ah, Leicester. After spending a couple years in this quaint city, I feel well versed to discuss its merits. As a disclaimer, I should say I am a Londoner born and bred. I feel at home in the hustle and bustle of the big city as well as its multicultural and diverse population. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise when I discovered that Leicester had a similar demographic. Personally, I feel as if the multicultural facet of the city is what brings it alive.

Another unique factor of Leicester is how deeply ingrained the love of sport is. On the weekends, locals will brave the occasional harsh weather to trudge to one of the many of pubs to watch either rugby or football. As is expected with having Leicester Tigers and Leicester City football club making their bases in the city. The University rugby society will also most likely make itself known or heard on one of their illustrious socials and the annual varsity and scrappies tournaments are both eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.

Leicester Clock Tower

© SkyScraperNews.com

In Leicester, everything is where it needs to be. The clock tower is situated right in the middle of the city, Not too far from the market which is an advisable, affordable alternative to supermarkets. The night clubs and general nightlife all seem to be located around the corner for each other, giving you multiple options and back ups on a night out. But it’s also the little things that makes Leicester so hospitable. The locals are warm and welcoming (they randomly talk to you, weird, I know), and the cabs are dirt cheap. All in all , Leicester has a lot to offer and asks for little in return and I have no doubt that any student would enjoy their time here.

 – Amani Eccleston
DMU Frontrunner


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