Employer of the Month – Arup

Headquartered in London, Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists­ offering a broad range of professional services. Operating in 83 offices in 31 countries, Arup has an extensive yet unusually diverse influence spanning the globe. This includes involvement in many notable projects including: the London Eye, Terminal 5 at Heathrow, The Shard and the Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Opera House

There are many key characteristics of Arup which is why it has emerged as one of the top graduate employers. One of these characteristics is the independent ownership structure. Arup is owned in trust for themselves and run for their clients. With no shareholders or external investors they are able to set their own priorities and direction. This has lead to a culture of independent thinking which will give you the freedom to explore new and rewarding directions to shape your career the way you want it. In the words of founder Ove Arup: “It is up to us, therefore to create an organization which will allow gifted individuals to unfold.”

Training and Development

In line with their culture of independence, Arup encourages graduates to take responsibility of their own development while providing the support and guidance to enable you to be successful. Graduates attend a two day residential every September enabling you to learn more about the firm and meet your peers, After which you will attend skills training to develop specialist training to apply to your role.

Arup prides itself in the wealth of experience and experts in a huge range of fields. Because of this they are able to deliver the best of the firm’s expertise by networking their knowledge globally. As a graduate you become a member of one of the brightest networks around – Arup people. This enables you to plug into any one of their global team with specialist knowledge.

An example of the use of the vast network is the possibility of international placements. You can apply to work overseas with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds and gain an understanding of the values of the firms. International placements can last anything form a few months to a few years in duration although you will be expected to gain UK experience first.

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