JobZapp: Graduate Job Search App


JobZapp is a new, 100% free job searching app powered by Indeed. It allows you to look for a specific role, in a specific area, and filter out any results you don’t want to see.

For example – have you ever typed in “administrator” on a job search website and come back with 100+ pages of jobs, all of varying levels and locations, and been put off by the prospect of having to dig through them?

JobZapp can help eliminate the need to do that. When you open the app, you’re asked to specify a role you’re looking for.


As you can see, you can input the job title (or a keyword, if you don’t have a specific job in mind), a location, and, most importantly; the level of job you want to search for. If you leave both those above options blank, it will search for all jobs; if you want to search for apprenticeships, you can do that on its own. We’ve used “Administrator” as a very general example and left all filters off.


Once you’ve done that, the role is saved on your front page; so every time you open the app, it, and any other role you’ve saved will come up. You can tap the role title to see results that are relevant to the filters you applied when you saved it.


When you perform your first search, all the results will be marked as New. On subsequent searches, results will be marked as read or unread, so you can quickly see which jobs you’ve already looked at; like this:


The app is incredibly simple to use, and contains no adverts or paid content; it’s also available on both iOS and Android.
Visit their website for more details:

Or get the app here:
Google Play

DMU Careers


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