allaboutcareers is an online graduate job searching site. As well as being able to search for jobs on it, there are additional resources for you to use to help you decide what kind of job you want to aim for in the first place.

Tools and info to do that can be found under the What Can I Do? panel.


You’ll find sections here that cover various industries. Click your subject area and you’ll be given info on what you can do with your degree! If you scroll to the bottom, there’s also a quiz you can do to do find out what type of job you should be looking into.

Once you’ve done that, clicking the Looking For Jobs? panel will take you to an easy-to-use job search page that lists available jobs along with a useful navigation bar at the top that tells you how many are live in total, how many are newly posted and how many are about to expire – so you can prioritise your search accordingly.


And for extra guidance and advice, there’s a third and final panel: Need Careers Advice?


Clicking this link will take you to a range of resources and advice on choosing a university, applying for jobs, gaining work experience and even alternatives to university, which can be useful if you choose to go into a slightly different area than the one you graduated from!

In addition to this, you can always make an appointment with one of our careers advisors via MyGateway – let us know how you get on!

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