Social Media Jobsearching

Using social media to finding a job is the way forward nowadays, and if you’re not already doing it, you need to start. Here are five tips to make it work for you:

    • Manage your online presence and have control over the content you post. Develop a well-structured profile and summary. Be active as you want to stand out in the crowd. It is important not to go overboard with posts that are going to clog up people’s timelines; there should be a balance between quality and quantity of updates.
    • At first you may just be happy exploring however to make the most of social networks you need to get involved and join in conversations. Follow key people, companies, and employers in your field; once you have built your confidence, you can start engaging with them. Comment on group pages, start discussions and create blogs.
    • Social networks are a great promotional tool to use. Sell yourself and your brand in a creative way. Be original with your content as this will spark interest. Integrating all your social platforms is good way to reach a wider target market but you do have to be careful with posting the same information multiple times. Followers becoming fed up with your content is the last thing you want, so stay fresh with your ideas.
    • Use hashtags. Anything can be hashtagged and the benefits are two way; you can find what you need, and you can be found. Using keywords can generate specific results in the advanced search area; twitter has a job search tool which you can utilise.
    • Research. You can use social media to gain valuable information about employer’s events, news and job vacancies. This can help when you’re trying to tailor your application to specific companies and roles. It’s worth researching on social media to find out more about recruiters before an interview also.

All of these tips are best used via LinkedIn – this is the only social media platform made specifically for work related purposes, so combining your presence on there with the tips above should give you a real boost. Let us know how you get on!

ADH Placements Team


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