What Makes a Good CV Profile?

The question we are all unsure the answer to.There’s no right or wrong answer; but here are some tips:

You need to focus on what makes your CV interesting and how you can stand out. The most important thing you need to remember is that your CV is about YOU! It should tell its own story and draw immediate attention to the things you want the employer to see – it is your way of telling the reader what to notice about YOU!

With this in mind, it’s probably fair to say that the profile is the hardest part to write. As it highlights your best attributes, it is probably best to write this after you have completed the rest of your CV – this will make it easier for you. You have to remember that the employer has potentially read ten CVs before yours, so it is vital that you stand out!

Now, you’re probably thinking, Where do I start?
I have read many CVs and too many profiles are poorly written and full of clichés, using adjectives such as ‘self- motivated,’ ‘excellent communicator,’ ‘hard worker,’ ‘enthusiastic’ and so on. Focus on specific skills and interests that are personal to YOU, rather than making generic statements that people have already made!

Your profile needs to be short and punchy! Don’t write too much as the reader will probably skip this part. I’d advise to try and get your message across in no more than five lines! Anything more is too much.

In a nutshell, your profile must be to the point, avoiding flowery adjectives and catered to what the employer is looking for! Make them want to meet you!

Good luck!!

ADH Placement Team


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