Top Tips to Get You LinkedIn


We think LinkedIn is a great way to establish your personal brand and a professional format to network; but you need to know your way around. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Google yourself first. Its good idea to see what’s already out there before building your online presence. You may want to manage your privacy settings and be careful what appears online.
  2. Create a professional profile. You want to sell yourself positively. An image can be the employer’s first impression, so make it a professional photo rather than a drunken night out picture! Make sure any content you do post is recruiter friendly. Recruiters will want to take from your profile that you tick all the right boxes.
  3. Generate career ideas. If you’re still not sure about your career path and roles that will be suited to you, LinkedIn can help here. You can use the advanced job search option and type roles in here that are of interest and this will take you to profiles of LinkedIn members. This gives you the opportunity to look at other people’s career path and generate inspiration.
  4. Research companies. Use LinkedIn to find out more about company’s size, employees, culture, news and jobs. This can help to tailor your application and get you to stand out of the crowd.
  5. Expand your job search. Many recruiters are now advertising positions on LinkedIn company pages and groups. You are able to join relevant groups and organisations of interest to stay in the loop regarding new jobs and gain valuable company information. Locate potential opportunities through LinkedIn job search function.
  6. Build your contacts. Make your request for a connection personal and give them a reason to approach you. Regular posts and discussions will help get you noticed on LinkedIn.
  7. Mind your manners. LinkedIn is a great format of opportunities for job seekers although you shouldn’t directly ask contacts for a job. However, it is ok to ask for help, advice or expertise, show your passion and skills rather than begging for a job as this can come across desperate.
  8. Connect with alumni. You may come across De Montfort alumni when researching companies and contacts. It would be a good idea to connect with them as they often share job search strategies and application tips that could be useful advice.
  9. Get recommended. If you have completed some work experience where you demonstrated your capabilities and potential, ask your manager for a testimonial. This is a great way to secure a credible, professional endorsement publicly viewable by potential recruiters.
  10. Manage your Apps. Use LinkedIn Apps to share a portfolio of work, showcase what you’ve done and promote your brand – that’s you!

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