Getting Feedback



It can be tough when you find out you didn’t get the job. Although it can be disheartening, you have to remember that most people aren’t offered every job they apply for. The most important thing is your ability to take something away from the experience.


What if you got rejected right at the start of the process?

It’s easy to recycle your old CV and cover letter – but don’t. Your last application was rejected for a reason; you need to fully understand where you went wrong and how you can improve before you going onto the next employer. Ask your friends or family for their advice on your unsuccessful application if you can trust them to be honest! If you can’t, see the careers team for advice – even after you graduate, as you’re entitled to careers advice from DMU for life. A faculty-specific careers consultant will be familiar with what employers are looking for in students and in your chosen field. You can take your CV and cover letter to them and they will be able to advise you on where you can strengthen your application for the next roles.

What if you made it to first interview but no further?

If you got rejected after a telephone or face to face interview, it can sometimes be a struggle to get substantial feedback from the employer. They may tell you that you didn’t get the job because they chose another candidate, and leave it at that. If you really can’t get any feedback, think back on the interview; did you have any weak areas? Were there any questions you feel you could have answered better? Reflect on this and try to correct it in your next interview; that way, every interview has a small positive impact, whether you’re offered the job or not.

And if you made it to end stage?

Most employers will give you full feedback at this point. Listen carefully to their response as you can use this feedback to improve and learn for your next interview. Try not to be too heartbroken as remember the things worth having in life don’t always come easy; keep your chin up and move onto the next job.


Here are some questions you can ask for effective feedback from employers:

  • How could I have improved my performance?
  • Where do my weaknesses lie?
  • What went well and what went badly?
  • Could you be more precise in what you was looking for?

Don’t let a rejection from a company put you off applying for the same company again; you may not have been selected for that particular role, but there’s nothing to say you might not be selected for a different one.
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