5 Specialist Digital Marketing Roles Available to Graduates

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A guest post written by Samantha Condliffe – Digital marketing Exec at Infinities Designer Menswear.

If you are keen to explore a career in digital marketing it is important to know what options are available to you. As well as general digital marketing positions, there are many specialist roles within digital marketing and the make-up of each varies more than you may think. Each role has different attributes which make it more or less suitable for different kinds of people.

Here I will run through the 5 main specialist roles within digital marketing which are available to graduates:

  1. Affiliate

The main aim of an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to a website through other websites. This may be done through adverts, offers, discount codes etc. In this role you will be responsible for forming relationships with third party websites, arranging the advert or offer, agreeing on a commission rate, monitoring performance and controlling spend to achieve the highest possible return on investment. For this role you will need good communication skills, be fairly quick at maths and have good analytical skills.

  1. Email

The majority of companies have an established email database. The job of an email marketer is to create visually pleasing emails which encourage the recipient to take some form of desired action. This may be; visit your website, buy your products etc. To be an email marketer you must be creative and some digital design skills may be required. You must also be able to analyse the performance of your emails in order to understand and what your audience are looking for and what makes them react.

  1. PPC

PPC refers to ‘pay per click’ marketing whereby sponsored adverts are places in search engines in order to increase traffic to a website. A PPC marketer is responsible for choosing search terms which they want their adverts to appear for, bidding on these terms and creating the adverts which are displayed. This role requires a small amount of creativity or written skills to produce compelling ads along with strong maths and analytical skills in order to calculate and review bid spend in order to ensure your website is generating as much money as possible for the cost of the adverts.

  1. SEO

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is carried out to increase a websites natural visibility in search engines in order to increase traffic. It involves making sure that the website runs smoothly from a technical point of view and contains all of the information a user may want, displayed in an effective way. It also involves working with bloggers and other influencers in your industry to get people talking about your company online. This role requires a contrasting mix of technical and creative skills and also required great communication skills.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a fast growing marketing tool which has now been adopted by almost every industry. It allows quick and easy back and forth communication between a business and it’s target audience on a more causal level which builds stronger more personal relationships. It also provides a platform for direct and targeted advertising. This role is very creative as it requires you to think of effective campaign ideas. It demands great communication skills and also analytical skills as you will need to be able to review the success of campaigns.

Hopefully one of these specialist roles will have jumped out at you, however if you are still unsure it may be a good idea to apply for a more general digital marketing job where you can spend a small amount of time with each department in order to help you decide which area is most suited to you.


For more info on this & other career options you might be considering, contact your faculty careers team for a one to one appointment on MyGateway.


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