Careers & Employability Announcement – Web Service


Careers and Employability at DMU are pleased to announce that they have launched their new Careers and Employability web pages.

These webpages have been designed to help current students, graduates and alumni.  The design is such that the pages can help you no matter what stage you are at. Whether you have a clear idea of what we have to offer that you need and you wish to be signposted directly or whether you are at a stage of uncertainty or a decision point in the career planning process and you want guidance to help you, we have it covered.

If you are looking for help and guidance we have a four stage model you can access on the new landing page that you can compare yourself to in order to support your next steps in the career planning process. These stages include not knowing what to do next, needing help with identifying the right service within Careers and Employability and with our partners to help you, thinking through the decision making process and finally how to put your chose decisions into action.

Our latest offers are on there, along with key questions to consider, short films for you to watch and access to MyGateway and our MyCareer Builder site.

At any stage during the process you can contact us through our various offers and of course through MyGateway if you want to arrange to speak to us in person.

We offer you a ‘for life’ Careers and Employability service designed to get the best out of yourself and make your employability stand out.


We look forward to hearing from you!


— Your Careers and Employability Service



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