5 Reasons to Start Your Career at a Startup or SME


A guest post written by Sophie Hudson of TalentPool

 With graduation fast approaching and no graduate scheme lined up for once the celebrations are over, you may be feeling a certain sense of dread for your post-university future. If this is the case, it will probably be reassuring for you to learn that the percentage of graduates in the UK that end up working for one of the larger, well-known graduate employers is now under 20%. Over the past few years theres been a noticeable shift in the type of jobs university leavers go after with over 50% saying they want to work for a startup or SME (small and medium-sized enterprise).

So why is this? What opportunities can working for a smaller, younger company offer that a corporate simply cannot? Here at TalentPool, weve rounded up the top 5 reasons why we believe that working for a startup or SME is a great way of kick-starting your career.

1. Development of a wide range of skills

Working as part of a small team usually means that youll be involved in several different functions within the company where youll pick up a whole new set of skills as youll really be expected to get stuck in and contribute. Youll receive a huge education about how a business truly operates, which is harder to grasp when working in a single department of a larger company.

2. Greater responsibility

From the word go, youll be given levels of responsibility which you simply wouldnt have at a corporate. Working in a small team means that therell probably be nobody else in the company with the same skill set as you or doing the same thing as you. With little time for micromanaging, youll really be expected to take your own initiative!

3. Lessons in entrepreneurship

Particularly at a startup, youll most likely be sitting across or even right next to the founders of the business. This gives you a unique opportunity to soak up all their knowledge and experience. This kind of exposure is especially valuable if you think you might like to start your own business one day.

4. Ability to have a true impact

You can really see the impact and value of the work youre doing when you work for a smaller company. This is both exciting and incredibly rewarding. The fast-paced life of a smaller company means that things are changing all the time, and your ideas and hard work definitely wont go unnoticed.

5. Great work environment and culture

The atmosphere at a startup or SME is much more relaxed than at a corporate. There is usually no dress code and little hierarchy. Youll get to know your co-workers quickly and team socials are common. Surrounded by creative and innovative people, its can be an inspiring work environment to be a part of.

Working for a smaller company presents you with a great opportunity to grow professionally and it can be a great starting point for those of you straight out of university. Of course, this doesnt mean that this is for everybody, and its important to remember that each startup and SME is different. But, on the whole, if youre attracted to the idea of a fast-paced, energetic job where youll get to try and learn about lots of new things then it might well be the right decision for you!


For more information on exciting graduate career opportunities in startups & SMEs, check out our website http://www.talentpool.com.


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